Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kaden Henry

This is our Kaden "Hengry" as Parker calls him! He is hilarious. Sometimes a little too funny for his own good. He has been having a rough time with life these past few days since his brother started kindergarten and the world has become such an unfair place. I was just sitting here thinking about him and decided I would do a little post so that later on when he looks through the books of these things he will know that I was thinking of him. Kaden had a rough start from the beginning, he was born at 35 weeks and I only held him for a second before they took him to the NICU. It was so hard not having him right there by me to hold and get to know. I pretty much camped out in there for the next two weeks though - thanks to the most amazing mom who came to stay with Parker (who was just 16 months old). I remember holding him with all of his tubes and sensors and worrying at every noise - but he was still just the cutest thing. He would always try to pull the tubes out of his nose and throat and I should have seen right there what a go getter he was. He is now a VIBRANT almost 4 year old and you would never know what a tiny little thing he started out as! He is so funny always making us laugh and I marvel daily at how smart he is. He loves his brother and sister and loves to annoy them too! Right now my favorite things about Kaden are in no practicular order
His teeth (see photo below... can you say orthodontist?)
the way he talks (mom, Bwin keeps twying to pway wiff my stuff!)
the fact that he is still a snuggle bug when he first wakes up from his nap.
I am so blessed to have these crazy kiddos and I thank Heavenly Father everyday for this little Kookoo bird - as we call him. He really is a "wild and crazy guy!"

check out those chompers!

He hearts my ipod too!

this picture makes me laugh my head off!


Jen said...

What a cute kookoo bird. I saw some Danny in that last photo...

ReBeCcA said...

those pictures seem like they really show his cute, little personality-adorable!

Amistad Family said...

so sweet sopti, you are such a good mommy. The Jen from my blog is Maui Jen, remember now? Had a missionary out, you totally know her from the Kava house. Have you been to Selah lately? I had so much fun in Kenn, the weather was perfect and it was so good to see all of the blodgie's. Can't believe I made the drive without Alvin, might not do that again (ever). Love your blog, you have such little cuties!