Friday, September 05, 2008


Apparently once you start Kindergarten your mother becomes the most ANNOYING person in the entire universe. Here is how things went yesterday after I picked up Parker from school:

Me: "Hi bud how did it go did you have so much fun?" (waiting for the gush of info that I thought would obviously come rushing out of his mouth)
Parker: yep
Me: what did you do
Parker: just stuff
Me: tell me about your day did you love it?
Parker: it was fine.

Later that day his cousin Halle called and asked to speak to parker
Me: Parker the phone is for you it's Halle
Parker: oh thanks - "Hey Halle ... Yep I went to school...I did good
(I can hear her asking him something)

Parker looks back at me in the kitchen out of the corner of his eye and then takes the phone and walks down the hall to his room and closes the door! HELLO! What all of the sudden he's 20?
I followed down the hall and listened and I hear this:
Parker: "yeah I was just a weensy bit nervous ... like you know what I mean?" (what???)
since when does he say "you know what I mean?"

After he gets off the phone with Halle I go back to making dinner and he is watching PBS and I ask him:
Me: "so what did you talk to Halle about?"
Parker (not even looking up from the TV "just school stuff - it wasn't anything about you."

Need I say more? Apparently I have become the epitome of uncool....
Then this morning I decided we needed to have a chat about him being a little more respectful of his dear ol' mother and he put his face down on his bed and said
"mom, this is not working for me."

WOW... this is all I can say WOW.
the end.


Ashley & Josh said...

So cute! Gotta love boys!

Ashley & Josh said...

So cute! Gotta love boys!

Linda said...

O.K. I am totally laughing!!! Did I not warn you. When will you learn from my life. Come on, moms are totally uncool. Just wait, pretty soon the teacher will know EVERYTHING and you, well, you know nothing. Good luck my friend.

Jennnnnna said...

Sad! Maybe he's just playing a practical joke... you know those tricky kindergardeners.

Linda said...
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Anonymous said...

oh, poor sare. it's started already!

Stacie said...

You know, I hear that is pretty much what all the K-gardners are saying these days!!! Must be in the teachers of the world curriculum.

Jen said...

My goodness, I just better start releshing in my coolness if I only have a few years of cool left with my boys. I love the "it's just not workin for me" comment.

KellyAnne said...

Holy ATTITUDE! That is so FUNNY!
It's always hard to get info from the kids about how their day went. I've learned to ask open ended questions like, "tell me about your day?"
Good luck, he's going to be a FUN teenager! :)

The Soptich clan said...

I am seriously dying laughing right now, out loud. This is amazing. Ahhhh, parker!

Mom said...

Maybe Parker's different, but MY boys didn't really love to share their private lives with their Mom . . . wait, maybe that was when they were teenagers and being naughty "~ (I was/am the "bad cop" if you will). Anyway, I'm sure Parker will decide to disclose all of his Kindergarten details - in his own time of course "). You're a great Mom Sarah, keep up the good work.

Mom said...

I'm sure you'll have a lot more "WOW moments" before this is all over . . . it just goes with the territory ;)

Lemme said...

talk about humbling!!

Jeremy Saunders said...

Hi Sara,
I had such a great time with you gals, whenever you are up to Bham, give me a buzz. Your family is adorable, and they are so funny, gee, I wonder where they got it from?!?!?!?! You have to have a sense of humor to be a mom. I went to pick up Aidan at the bus stop and instead of running into my arms for a big kiss, he hit me with his jacket and asked me why I came, didn't I know he could walk all by himself?
Who does Parker have for Kindergarten? Ms. Aspery was the best!
Talk soon! Now I can spy on you!

Crystal said...

Oh no he didn't finish it with this is not working for me! Too funny.