Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Catching up

I always hate when I have to start with that title! Things have just been a little nuts around here.  I had a great time doing my spring special photos.  Overscheduled myself a little perhaps….what of it?  Starting this business is a total learning experience!  I had Crystal and Mike’s kiddos for the weekend a while back and it was really fun.  Everyone survived amid the loosing of teeth, scraping of knees and force feeding of of what I now know is not Halle’s favorite – taco soup. 

One morning after baths (bathing 6 kids under 7…you should try it some time it’s quite an adventure)  we decided to put “jello” (gel) in the Ya’s hair and spike it up….later I noticed this little Dennis the menace thing he had going on and had to capture it!

Not to mention that he had this shirt on…


We had a little drama with this:


Because Aunt Sar has never had a kid loose a tooth and it was a little bit of a nervous situation!  But after 2 days I finally grabbed her tooth and yanked it out – we make a pretty good team!


Lemme said...

i miss those kiddos!!!

Calley said...

Woman you are on fire with this blogging! I love it I love it I love it (Molly Shannon kick). And I pretty much cry with every story you tell me (or that your husband tells that involve global warming and or polar bears). So keep it up for crying out loud!

Chivaun-o-rama said...

He TOTALLY looks like Crystal in some of those pics...I can see old school pictures in my mind. :) Kids are so great that way!

Place Family said...

You are better than me to do the whole pulling teeth thing. That has been assigned to George.