Thursday, April 30, 2009

Times are a changin’

Today as we walked Parker to school (side note: don’t know what I’m going to do next year when he has to be at school in the early morning!) we were having our usual banter and discussing the trees and flowers and things that Brinlee saw in the sky (which are not really there but – if the girl wants to see a pony in the clouds, who am I to judge?) and parker starts talking about smoking. “ Who smokes Mom?  Mom I think Uncle Kyle smokes. (this was particularly funny because he said it as we walked passed Uncle Kyle’s house and saw a cigarette on the ground).  Mom I saw a big boy at school on the movie who smoked and he gave it to the girl and she runned away really fast!”

So we had our little talk about how Heavenly Father gave us our bodies and we need to take care of them.  Smoking hurts our bodies and can even kill us.  But then as we walked passed some high school students he started talking about how those people were smoking and I had to launch into the whole “ smoking is bad for us and we don’t ever want to do it, but everyone gets to make their own choices.”  Then I got “but that’s a bad choice Mom.”  Oh dear.  “Yep bud that is a bad choice, but every one is still allowed to make their own choices and it’s not our job to tell them weather a choice is good or bad.” I’m envisioning many horrific trips in public where my child teaches the population that smoking is a bad choice.

We talked about how smoking and other drugs are bad for us.  He said he saw a movie about drugs.  HELLO!  While I am glad that he is being taught that drugs are bad in school, I am in his class every wed and had no idea they had this lesson or that he even knew what the word “drugs” meant.  Yikes, maybe I am really behind the times but he’s FIVE! And he’s my BABY!  Seems like this week everything is coming up all at once which is good because it has given us a chance to talk- but I am totally taken aback.

Oh yeah – and if that wasn’t shocking enough he announced as we were almost to school (after stopping to “rest his legs because they were SOOOOOO tired) that he wants to be a tow truck man when he grows up instead of a rock star now.  I told him that’s great and asked him why and he said “because my dream didn’t come true Mom”. 

Oh geez – I feel the “perseverance and enduring to the end” talk coming on… I’m not sure I’m qualified to give these lessons as I am still desperately trying to learn them myself. 

All in all I am glad that we are where we are now.  They are little and I can protect them right now – at least a little more than I know I will be able to in the near and frightening future. And they still think I know everything and for the most part listen to what I say. Which I know is going to last for about another second so i am relishing in it!


Parker Allen aka Tow Truck Man.  Not to be confused with the artist formerly known as Rock Star.


Brinlee Elizabeth, aka Brinlee cat.  Lover of all things horse and pony right now.  To quote “yeah mom they’re horsies and they go, like, neeehhhhh neeehhhhh.”


Kaden Henry, aka the Kookoo Brid.  Loves to talk…and talk, and talk – I don’t know where he gets it from! ;).

PS not to toot my own horn or anything but I am getting better! These are not edited at all and were taken in MANUAL!!! yay.



I love these boys.


I love these babies!


Calley said...

Smoking and drugs???! But at least he's street smart? (albeit at the age of 5!) Your kids kill me. And Parker is your little mini me these days or something. Nuts, nuts.

d.c.r.k. said...

Why does Parker look so old now? I guess he will be like uncle Alex or something being a tow truck driver and all

Anonymous said...

It's weird to think that you have kids old enough to have conversations like this with! :-)

Diane said...

You have beautiful children Sarah.