Friday, May 01, 2009

oh my

So this morning (a post to follow about how that went…) after the millionth time the boys asked me if they could go outside to ride bikes I told them (for the millionth time) that if they got dressed – by all means, PLEASE got outside and ride bikes.  So Parker went off to get dressed and returned like this:


After taking on short glance at the boy I noticed his pants were particularly slim through the thighs…hmmm.  “yeah – those are not your pants Parker”

P: “well they were in my drawer”

M: “can you hold on for a second… I gotta get some pictures”


cute little flowers on the pockets right?


Then he got a little embarrassed and hid behind a book


But then we had a good laugh.  Apparently I had a pile of clothes to go back to Aunt Crystals house that I washed when the kids stayed here…. Haven left her jeans…the other day while I was having everyone help me put clean laundry away, they ended up in his drawer! YIKES! What is it with boys and not noticing how something fits – classic answer: It was in my drawer…hope he never gets a dress in there accidentally -  his Dad would DIE


d.c.r.k. said...

However, no one can fill those jeams out like Haven can. Come on, and of all people to try...Parker???

Kristina said...

I'll watch out for that and Joshua. But for girls it isn't as big of a problem. They know every scrap of clothing that is theirs. Very funny though.