Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look what I found!

Okay so a little shout out to Calley  - aka Cal cakes - aka calley sue, because once again I have something I have been searching years for from a link on your blog!  Okay not so much a link as a comment that I clicked on and found this persons blog…oh c’mon you know you do it too!  Anyway, I have been looking for cute ties for my boys forever.  I am so over the clip in the back situation I want a real “big boy” tie for my little boys.  And Calley’s friend (we actually knew each other at Ricks) has started her own company and she has the cutest stuff! Check these out!  You can order the products themselves or order the patterns.  When I spoke with her earlier, she said that the tie patterns will be available for purchase by the end of the month! Think of the endless fabric possibility my friends! And if you think this is silly it’s because you either a)don’t have a son who’s church wardrobe you are so tired of but want him to wear a white shirt and tie, or b) are unlike myself not convinced of the adorableness of a little guy in a nice white shirt with a super cute “real” tie.  I’m thinkin’  it’s gotta be A because for reals….just look!

Ties_Cover[1] Ties_Cover_photo[1]

are you even kidding me with these?  Too blasted cute.


08_Smartie_Pants_Web 08_Sassyfrass_Coverweb

Okay sorry but I am dying over how cute this stuff is.  So you can check them out on Megan’s company website


Calley said...

Holla!!! I should've told you about these before, but I'm just lazy! She really is a good time isn't she?! She just made Summer the cutest I-Spy bag, complete with pictures of family members and a few true loves (Brian Williams) also :)
Can't wait to see your boy toys in them!

Linda said...

WOW! Some people have so much talent. I was blown away by all the cute stuff.

Mama Megs said...

Ok-first off-THANKS! I can't believe you posted about ME!!!!! I'm so excited that you're so excited :) Secondly-Because you're such a sweetheart and are giving me great exposure I'll send you a free pattern of your choice along with your tie order-just let me know which one :)