Friday, May 01, 2009


So while Parker was trying on girl jeans, this is what the other two were up to.  In between asking for snacks of course.

Kaden LOVES to color these days and he also LOVES to watch “special agent OSO” which would explain this dilemma.

DSC_0052 DSC_0060 So I guess I have to give him credit for doing half of what I asked ie getting dressed.  Just wasn’t able to finish the job what with all of the distractions and such.  And really who am I to judge I mean it’s not like I haven’t found myself in my underwear and favorite pj shirt sprawled out on the couch with my eyes glued to the television and my hands clutching a marker and coloring book….wait…



Then Brin and I went a couple of rounds this morning because she REFUSES to take herself to the bathroom!  She knows how to do it and I come in and help her with the “finishing work” if you will.  But she just likes to argue with me and say “no – you take me potty”  This morning I was done.  I told her she could take herself, and after 15 min of arguing.  She did.  And emerged like this



Course there was that darn TV – calling her attention – beckoning her to forget that she has her shirt tucked into her snow white underwear and her pants around her ankles.


So again, we had a good laugh.


and watched a little more TV


And finally decided that if Mom was just going to sit there and take pictures than we had better get comfortable.  This kid…

Sorry for the explicit nature of these photos.  My blog is not private – which worries me at times, but I refuse to leave these moments of life undocumented (I use this as a scrapbook) just because there are sickos out there.  But if you are a sicko looking at this,  all I have to  say is…I would think twice … because if you are still alive after I am done with you, I have a husband, Father, and three brothers all within a mile of me…seriously…I doubt anyone would miss you.

the end.


Anonymous said...

hahaha you are so funny! You all better listen to her! Your kids are sooooo cute! You really are great with your photography!

Nerell said...

Too Cute

KellyAnne said...

Sarah you ROCK. That's all there is to it!