Sunday, May 24, 2009

Middle of the day…

So I lied yesterday.  Not intentionally mind you, but still, a lie.  The rest of the fun happened on Saturday – not Friday.  I had a visiting teaching activity that I was helping with in the morning and Danny got a late call and didn’t get off of work on time so the kiddos came with me and actually did pretty well and were impressively patient while I directed traffic for a visiting teaching interview/car washing event in a bright orange vest. 

finally Danny got there and took the kiddos for lunch.  parker and Danny went to the Mariners game with Parkers friends family, and so we thought we better have some fun before they left.  With the weather we’ve been having….what else would we do but run through the sprinkler?


Danny and Gunner kept watch while the kiddos played.




Brinlee has permanent band aids on her knees.  Oh well, embarrassing scars might just be another reason to dress modestly huh? As she runs around in her tankini!  Sorry – with a freakishly skinny AND freakishly tall kid like this, one pieces spell wedgie disaster.  And that can definitely ruin your day at the beach…or sprinkler.


Partners in crime!  ps…why are these two soooo stinkin’ skinny?


I found some new sunscreen (Neutrogena for kids spray stuff) it’s totally water and sweat proof and we tested it out.  It was kinda creepy how it just turned them into ducks with beads of water running off of them!


Gunner would occasionally join in the fun – he hearts the water!

DSC_0175 DSC_0188

But he mostly just kept his post as a faithful guard dog, you know incase someone was vitally injured …while running through the sprinkler.


The kids had so much fun and the weather was awesome! They put theirs cars and bike in the water and got every thing all clean too! I am so loving this spring/summer so far ;)

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Calley said...

I am digging this "polaroid flashback" vibe from your weekend. You guys have way too much fun, and I just really wish we were neighbors so we could buck our kids outside at 8:30 am together. *gunshot sound to my head*