Saturday, May 23, 2009

The beginning

I was thinking I should probably start at the beginning of this crazy weekend and go through the events!  Nothing extreme, just the usual busyness and funnyness (pretty sure that is not actually a word).  So here we got with Friday AM.

Our usual routine (it varies depending on if Danny is home or not) … (because when Danny is home I sleep in.  there.  I said it.  And I am NOT ashamed!)

Our kiddos are early risers, you know the type – they wake at 6:30 regardless of what time their tiny little noggins hit the pillow.  So we are up early and finished with breakfast usually before 7:30.  Then the fun begins.  Baths/showers/coloring and cutting out tiny pieces of paper that I will pick up later…over and over and over again – but I am getting sidetracked here. Which by the way also happens repeatedly in the morning as well.  I was cleaning up after breakfast and breaking up the 734th fight of the morning.  The boys decided to do a little studying along with the coloring and cutting.  Book of choice? Paramedic Care: Principles and Practices VOL 1. 


Apparently intriguing stuff.  8:30 AM: I am beginning to understand where their newest obsession with car accidents and trauma victims is coming from.  All of the studying leads them to a short practical in BSI and some homemade “Body Substance Isolation” gear – ie: gloves

DSC_0001 And yes, that is glued – not taped- to Kaden’s hand.

From there we moved into the “can we go outside and play” portion of the day where three breakfast encrusted children wearing pajamas and paper scraps, beg me for freedom.  Which is actually good because informing them that they most certainly may go outside and play, as soon as they are dressed – is the fastest way to get them dressed ;)

Inevitably Parker is dressed first and heads outside much to kaden’s whiney dismay, and subsequent episodes of leaning out of our front – unscreened – window.  In his pajamas.  I know, I’m Mother of the year.

DSC_0033 He is so blasted upset because Parker is outside and not only that, but he has taken the coveted ukulele with him!  Aunt Crystal, we love the gift, but please, please, please…next time – bring them both rocks from the beach to chuck at their mothers head and knock her out while they fight over the darn thing!  Kaden goes to get dressed , meanwhile…

DSC_0035 DSC_0075

Can be a little tricky to tune…but nothing a pro can’t handle!DSC_0085 DSC_0056

Oh look, Kaden is still not dressed.  But he IS outside.  How this kid manages to ignore EVERY word I say is beyond me.  And not to worry, because this sweet little boy has discovered the PERFECT rival instrument to battle his arch nemesis.  The singing valentines card.  Just looking at this picture is sending migraine waves through my brain.  I’m not sure which is worse, the constant sounds of my kids fighting, or 5 second clips of Demi Levato singing “this is me” for 2 days straight.  Well played Kaden.  Well played.


We couldn’t consider ourselves good neighbors if we didn’t share the joy that comes from those clips with the entire neighborhood at 9am either.  He really gets into it!DSC_0097


And finally success.  Older Brother is officially irritated that you found a new toy, which he now wants by the way and will bargain like nobody’s business until he has it in his hot little hands.  The world is right again… Until a faint sound comes from the kitchen where a tiny little girl has found a great treasure…as the boys knock each other over running inside, the sounds of REO Speedwagon become clearer and clearer.  Why do I buy these cards?  And after I buy them and give them to the person for whom they were intended, why do we keep them?  My ears, or nerves for that matter will never be the same.

So there is our Friday morning.  Stay tuned for the rest of Friday.  It only gets better, but I’m sure you could probably guess that right?  good times!


Chivaun-o-rama said...

You wit and hilarity never lets me down! :D

Linda said...

OK I laughed so hard! What a day in life. I would laugh harder but it is too much like my own world!!!