Friday, December 19, 2008

Catching up

So Parker and I have gone a couple of rounds the last week.  I have been wondering where my sweet little boy went.  Lately he has become a twenty year old with a super sassy mouth (which by the way his mother is not particularly fond of)  So I started going through old pictures to remind me of how cute he was so that I could remind myself that “this too shall pass” and suppress the urge to strangle him. (full blown narrative of sassy conversation to come at a later date.)

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Linda said...

See he is very cute! You are a great mom Sarah. Hang in there!! I am sure you were never sassy!

Lemme said...

CUTE!!! LOVE the new blog layout and room for pictures!!

Jeremy Saunders said...

Oh my dear, hang in there, just you wait until they are 13 going on 21. Have you ever strangled him behind his back, like in the air? I have, just this week! I was worried he would turn around and see me. I sent him away (to a friend's house) for a while so I wouldn't hurt him! Hang in there! In the end, we do love them!