Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Things that I love

The most important thing in my life is my Family. My big, crazy, at times obnoxious, hilarious, mafia like Family. A lot of people think it's crazy that we still get together with my extended family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.) On both sides even! Even I feel like it's nuts sometimes because it does get to be a lot of work especially around the holidays. Sometimes it feels like I just shuttle kids around for an entire month and a half. And lets face it, packing everyone and everything is not my favorite past time, but I know that it's important. I can't even imagine where I would be today if I didn't have these people. All of them. And I want my kids to know how important it is to make the effort to be there when the family gets together. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas parties and Family reunions. Here is the most recent trip and why I love it.

We have rousing games of foosball.

And we are PROs at shuffleboard!

We are quite good at cards as well.

We play with cute babies

We goof around

And open some pretty rockin' gifts

We marvel at how these kiddos are growing up so fast.

There is always tons of food and of course entertainment! The kiddos sang carols

We take care of each others kiddos, and sometimes egg them on (sorry Jen it was too cute!)

Did I mention holding babies?

It gets pretty loud but there are quiet moments

We try to keep our kids from getting to emotional due to lack of sleep!

It usually works!

We take some teasing
this is Parker after helping to hand out all the presents and was told there wasn't one for him!

And we feel the love!
Just kidding Parker boy - they couldn't resist!

But the best part is it's cold outside and we all bundle up and gather in a warm place and spend some time together.

Whew! Did you get all of that? Do you need a nap? You have NO IDEA!


Jenna said...

Ahhhh cool! That looks like a ton of fun. I'm definitely gathering my family together like that when I'm older. Looks like too much fun.

Linda said...

You have an awesome family Sarah. It is wonderful that you get together like that. Have a great time this weekend too.

Jen said...

Alright, did you separate them and tell them to be nice after you witnessed that? Boys. They LOVE to wrestle.

Crystal said...

Way to wrap up the weekend! I need to look at my picts and see what I captured.

seoulsurfer said...

That's awesome that your family gets together like that!! What a cute little post too, I loved how you put it all together. Thanks for your Christmas card, BTW, and have a great Christmas!!

Jeremy Saunders said...

What's together time without some wrestling? Sarah, knowing your family for as long as I have, I have always been jealous of how big it is and how often you get together and how much support you give to one another! It is AWESOME and inspiring and I hope to do that one of these days, it does take a lot of work, but totally worth it, I mean families are forever, and you want to work on those relationships now! Looks like loads of fuN!