Friday, December 26, 2008

What Santa brought us

So everyone keeps asking what Santa brought Danny and I, and I keep forgetting to mention that we did get presents they just came in November! We both received an iphone and have been enjoying the heck out of them! Here are some photos I’ve taken with mine.

iphone photos 027

I thought this was so sweet!  My Grandpa holding sweet baby kendall Jane on Christmas eve.

iphone photos 025

Parker locking Jeremy on the back porch in the blustery snow!

iphone photos 026

Kaden loving his geotrax

iphone photos 023

The best buns on the planet…Sorry it had to be done!


Lemme said...

WOW!!! that takes good pics!!! LOVE THE BUNS!!

Big Momma said...

Sar that picture with Gramps holding baby Kendall was the sweetest picture I have ever seen and made me get all teary like my mama. really so sweet. nice work sista !