Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa was good to us

OK so I think that the other font was maybe a little hard to read.  Sorry about that.  Santa came to our house (albeit a day early) and we have some very happy kiddos.  Here is the rundown.

Parker has been asking for a guitar of his own since he started learning to play with Danny.  I was reluctant thinking he was too young and knowing the destructive nature of my boys – also thinking that it would be destroyed in two seconds but Danny promised me that it would be fine.  He pretty much has not put it down since he opened it and I am racking in tons of blessings in Heaven for “enjoying” the non stop strumming!

christmas 08 008 christmas 08 001 christmas 08 063


Kaden asked Santa for a GeoTrax this year and he is loving it – although this being our first experience with GeoTrax, and not knowing that once put together – some parts are not to be taken apart… a little superglue and we’re doing alright!  Some more blessings in heaven as I watch my sweet son and listen to the lovely sound of an airplane getting stuck on a plastic track..clicking away…clicking away.

christmas 08 059 christmas 08 060 christmas 08 061


Brinlee requested Printheth gear if you will. We have been pretty short on girlie stuff around here until recently and she really really loves thinderella now so she received a trunk full of beautiful gowns and jewelry…hilarious!

 christmas 08 036 christmas 08 047 christmas 08 050


All in all I think it was a good Christmas at our house and it has been a crazy fun couple of months with all of the traveling we have done. I am savoring the years that we will have children who are happy with small and simple gifts.  I know they are probably fleeting! Merry Christmas.


Lemme said...

CUTE!!! we got asher some geo trax stuff too!! maybe they could play together!!

Jen said...

GeoTrax and guitars. Our boys must be related. Did Parker nap with his guitar? And, Brinlee looks simply smashing.