Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Man of the hour (s)

Here he is…in the flesh…the man of my dreams…or more like the little boy who has been occupying my nightmares lately! The one who I’ve spent “hours” worrying about! Parker has, as I mentioned in previous posts, been testing the sassy mouth waters lately as well as the door slamming and attitude waters! I know- he’s a real go getter!  So today I took him outside and we took some pictures just him and I and while we did that I remembered that he is hilarious, cute, sweet, smart, and one of my very favorite kiddos in the world (I happen to have 3!) So I guess I’ll take the sass with the sweet – because after all what is life or parenthood for that matter, without a little spice! I love you Parker boy.

parker pictures 124 parker pictures 122 parker pictures 119

parker pictures 112 parker pictures 106 parker pictures 090


DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

what a handsome boy he is! We love the Parker boy

KellyAnne said...

Man he's a cutie!

Big Momma said...

man I hope Parkie can run fast because when the girls figure out how cute he ,he is going to have to run fast to get away! They are going to be swarming like bees!

psssssss look who made a blog for me for your entertainments too... add me miss thang!