Monday, October 22, 2007

ahhhh the pumpkin patch

so we have been to two pumpkin patches this week and today I took the kids to the patch with parker's kindergarten class and they had a ball. Parker's little girlfriend Elsa was right there by his side and of course mr and mrs pumpkin themselves! We looked at all the animals and saw how much cows like to eat rotten pumpkins and got to pet the cute kittens before picking out our pumpkin. And what would a crazy trip be without Kaden freaking out for a bathroom and me throwing him into a honey bucket with Brin still strapped tightly to my back! oh Kaden how boring my life would be without you!


Crystal said...

Oh Mr. Pumpkin, how scary you are! Cute pictures of your pumpkin adventures. Cute new bog skin too!

Emily said...

I love the thumbs up porta potty shot! Those things are so scary, but when you gotta go... I love the background page - so fall! So fun to enjoy each season as it comes! I also love the picture of your little girl in her red dress. what an angel!! And I soooo agree, church by yourself is a trust test of momhood. It kicks my but every time I have to do it!

the Stokes said...

How come I can't figure out how to make my background on the blog so festive? Do I have to be an experienced stampen up girl? Shesh, you guys always out do me. Anyway, I love the pumpkin patch pictures. TWO thumbs WAY UP. And Brin looks like a delicious little treat. I say put her in a christmas dress. Heaven knows I will be listening to Christmas music anyway once this Halloween holiday is over with!