Saturday, October 27, 2007

talk about eeeeerie!

So pretty much yesterday went like this...get up, get everybody fed dressed and take parker to speech. Come home feed everybody lunch and lay down for naps - uncle J comes to babysit - head to costco. Get home look at screaming son, send other two children home with aunt Crystal and take Kaden to the ER to "fix his ooooooowie" aka: get x rays of his most likely broken arm. Life doesn't get any better than this right? He still makes a pretty cute Lion though. They don't cast at the hospital anymore so I have to take him into the Doc after the weekend to most likely get a cast - we'll see. Hey, at least with this one we made it almost to his third birthday. (Parker broke his arm at just 19 months!) seriously I'm mother of the stinkin' year!

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Crystal said...

What a day. Life is definitely never dull. Kaden made an adorable lion, and when we went to the party, people wondered if his sling was part of his costume.