Monday, October 15, 2007

curiosity killed the cat!

So I am noticing that everyone and their brother is putting an interesting poll on their blog so I thought this would be a fun (and dangerous) question to pose to my blogging pals! So vote and let me know your thoughts! Keeping in mind this is just for fun and I most certainly will not be using this to make any life changing decisions! just thought it would be a kick!


Emily said...

Go ahead have another one. Everyone says that 3 is the hardest and it is true. In an odd way, it gets easier. You have older ones to help with the younger ones. Plus with kids as cute as yours, the world needs more. Either a good strong missionary or a good strong mother = the church needs them. At least that is what I think.

the Stokes said...

Why not have more? We got a puppy so that I could put that thought to rest for a while and now I am still cleaning up poop and pee everywhere. The only difference is that I can lock her up for hours if I don't feel like dealing with her. Go for it and then tell me how it goes. Maybe I will decide to get rid of the dog and entertain my thoughts!

genevieve said...

This crazy lady of seven says GO FOR IT! You never will regret it. You are a good mom so they can either come to you or to a crack whore:) Seriously, after President Beck's conference talk is there any doubt?