Monday, October 22, 2007

christmas ideas

okay so my smart sister put a bunch of ideas for christmas gifts on her blog and it got me really thinking that I need to make up my mind about this...Danny and I have been thinking about this john deer gator for the boys. it's pricey - almost $369.00 to be exact, but one of their little friends has one and they just love it. Of course that would be about all for them because that's my budget but I can't decide if they would fight over it or have a total blast together. Parker already has the john deer tractor but it's a pedal one and this one is battery op of course. Let me know what you think.


maryndan said...

my neighbors have one and their daughter drives it 24-7. Very fun. Go for it. mary weibling

Bethany said...

Hello Sarah! Thank you for your message, you are way too nice. ;) Your blog is so cute and your pictures are very impressive. I wouldn't mind at all sharing some tips!! Do you think I could e-mail you so I don't leave a ridiculously long message on your blog? ;) Mine is Hope to hear from you!

the Stokes said...

I HIGHLY recommend Geotrax, but the John Deere looks really fun. We have a neighbor that bought a pink barbie corvette (2 seater) for their son at a garage sale. They spray painted it red because they didn't think he would drive it if it was pink and Gracie thinks that thing is the coolest ride in town. He came by and picked her up today. If you are just looking for something that is a powered two seater vehicle and you want to go a little cheaper, has some jeeps. We are considering something along the same lines for Gracie. I found some today ranging from $30-$75!