Thursday, October 04, 2007

Baby's best friend

Brinlee and Oprah were having a little "girl party" this morning and it was so cute. Oprah is the best dog ever! Brin was "sharing" her toys with her (smacking her on the nose with them) and Oprah just sits there and takes it. So there is my sales pitch! Now everyone go out and buy a great dane! ready...set...go!


genevieve said...

Love the pictures of the dog, kind of like us, except we have three. I know, we are psycho!

Josephine and Aaron said...

Yea for good natured dogs. Your baby is beautiful.

Crystal said...

I think you need to post some video of Brinlee's dance moves. The way she was sitting by Oprah reminded me of her moves. Oprah is a good dog, even if she is 10 feet tall when standing on her hind legs.