Friday, June 12, 2009

Parents of the year…again.

My Mom says its not the last time this will happen.  I hope it is.  I am officially the worst Mother on the planet!  June 9th…Parker’s first and ONLY Kindergarten music program.  I put it on my calendar in my phone.  I stuck the flyer to my fridge with a magnet.  I reminded myself daily for a week and a half.  And then I forgot.  I got home late Sunday night after being gone all weekend, Danny left early Monday morning for work and got home at 11:30 on Tuesday morning – just in time to drop Parker off at school at 11:55.  I got Started cleaning up the kitchen and simultaneously working on my website.  Fed the younger two lunch, put a load of laundry in, more website, washed the younger two off, put younger two in bed for naps, more website, Danny ran to home depot to get some stuff for the garden, I moved the laundry over, took the dog outside to run off some energy, cleaned up after lunch, went on a (Danny) guided tour of our garden, and just as the younger two were waking up from what were supposed to be at least hour rests, I reminded Danny that it was almost time to go and get parker….just in time to walk past the fridge and see the flyer…and envision my sweet Parker boy, singing his heart out and looking for us in the audience…and then I cried.

How could I have forgotten that?  SERIOUSLY??? I felt so terrible, Danny was already on his way to get Parker so I called him, all kinds of hysterical, and told him what had happened.  He ran in to catch the last 5 min of the “tea” party they were having.  I’m still crying at home… I call Danny’s cell again and he tells me Parker is fine, puts parker on the phone (who by the way sounds less than traumatized)  “Buddy I am sooooooooo sorry”  to which my cutie boy responded “it’s alright Mom!”

Needless to say parker and I went on a special date to go see UP right afterward. Danny stayed home with Kaden and Brin (cartoons are not really his thing).  Parker and I(and every retired person on the island) hit up the 3:45 matinee and even got some snacks (so I was making up for being a rotten parent – don’t judge). 

up_sit80 up_blanket80

Long story kinda short:  If you have not seen this movie – you MUST. Parker and I loved Dug (or doug…not sure) and I bawled.  like a baby.  I have never cried in a Disney movie before.  It was a little embarrassing.  It didn’t help that Parker kept repeating – in a very loud voice so that all of the retirees I’m sure had to turn down the bell tones- “Mom…Why are you crying?”  And the retirees laughed.  and I cried some more. 

Just as I was trying to figure out when I became my Mom, and wondering if at some time (in the very near future) I would need a tissue before the ending of Teen Wolfe, I read some reviews and realized I am not the only one!  This movie was so cute and really very touching – even for Disney.  Definitely two thumbs up from the Weibling fam.

And the world is right again.

Until tomorrow.


Kristina said...

I was wondering when I turned into my mother too. We used to give her sad stories to read just to see her tear up. Although I'm not quite that bad yet (and I hope my kids aren't that devious once I am), I have realized that being a mom really softens your heart.

Linda said...

You are a great mom. We all have days like that. Parker loves you and He KNOWS he is LOVED!! Oh yeah, I cried in the movie too. But then I'm pregnant I cry at everything.

Diane said...

Don't you know that you lost all your memory during your third pregnancy? At least that is what happened to me.

I sounds like you were more upset that Parker was.

Phillipa Sara said...

Honey it's okay. You've raised him to love you for more than watching his plays.

austin and cherisse said...

Yea I have had many of those days lately. I would have totally missed Kenzies dance pictures if my sister hadnt have called me to say, "where are you" She stalled as best she could I drove 90 the whole way there and caught air in my expedition while pulling into the parking lot and made it with seconds to spare. Yep mommy of the year when I hear...mommy why are you driving so hair isnt forgot my tights!! Yep gotta love that.
Okay yea thanks for the freaking heads up on that disney up movie. I was going with kenzie just to get my mind off of my dad for 5 minutes and not bawl my eyes out for an hour while I enjoy (so I thought) a funny pixar movie...yea not the right movie to go and see a week after. I swear I will never watch that movie ever again in my life!!!!! I have never cried in a theater before ever until that stupid movie.
I will tell phyllis you said hello!

Mama Megs said...

Oh I cried at this movie too! It was so dang cute-and the patterns are done being printed and are just getting put together to be shipped. If you go on you can order yours and it will be to you in about a week! (I hope you still want one after this annoying wait-it took forever to get things right!) And then just leave a comment on my blog with what free pattern you'd like :) THANKS!